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VS-60s Classic

The VS-60s are our classic single-coil pickups from the Premium Line series based on designs from the early sixties. They are built with very good quality materials: Alnico 5 magnets mounted on fiber bobbins, coils wound with AWG42 wire, and the vintage cloth connector wire. The pickups have staggered pole pieces with beveled edges. The magnets are shaped to focus the magnetic field in a way that produces a well-defined top end without sacrificing midrange or bottom end.

The pickup comes with mounting screws, springy silicone rubber bands for height adjustment, and a printed wiring diagram.

The sets include an iconic orange drop capacitor.

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  • Wiring: 2 Conductor
  • Magnet: Alnico 5
  • DC Resistance:
    • Bridge: 7,4 kOhm
    • Middle: 6,4 kOhm
    • Neck: 6,4 kOhm
  • Output: Vintage
  • String spacing:
    • Bridge: 52 mm
    • Middle: 52 mm
    • Neck: 52 mm

Recommended For

  • Blues, Rock, Pop

Available Colors

  • White

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